September Road Trip – First Stop


September 4 – 5 2015

First stop, Ouray Colorado


Ouray didn’t work out as planned. I thought leaving work two hours early would land us at the base of Mt. Sneffels to set up camp for the night and put us right where we needed to be to get an early start of hiking. GPS said it would take just under 6 hours. It actually took about 8 to arrive in the town just before dark. Following both the map and phone GPS, we ventured down a dirt road with camp sites scattered on each side, so it looked promising. With Clint driving we continued down the dirt road and got to a split where we went right, still following the map. The road quickly turned into what was clearly for off road 4 wheel drive machines and not our Mazda sedan. Obviously we should have gone left at the split, so we backtracked. After a few minutes on the right road we came to a small river running across in front of us. This was not the right road either and we did some more backtracking. We decided to check out one of the spots we passed on the way in only to find that every site was taken. It was now 12:45am. We made a new plan to crash in the car on the side of the road, wake up early, head back in town and ask a local for directions to the trailhead of Mt. Sneffels.


Clint woke up early to follow through with the plan while I slept like a baby in the passenger seat. Apparently it was impossible to get the trailhead without a 4 wheel drive vehicle. We had to abort the Mt. Sneffels mission and continue on. But first, we stopped for pictures.


Next stop, muffins and coffee.

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