September Road Trip – San Juan National Forest

Queens of the Campsite

September 5 2015

It was pouring down rain and we were driving down a dirt road the guy in the fly shop told us about. We were looking down on a massive lake and making our way deeper into the forest when we realized we had gone a little too far. We had to turn around, but first I snapped a photo of the incredible scenery.

San Juan National Forest

We found a spot to camp looking down on the lake and at eye level with the surrounding mountain peaks. Trying to make a fire was beyond frustrating. Everything was soaked. We even drove back into Telluride and bought a bundle of firewood. That wouldn’t catch either.

San Juan National Forest

“Queens of the Campsite”

Queens of the Campsite

We bundled up and hunkered down in the tent. The rain was relentless and our original plan to sit by the fire had changed. We drank beer and played cards until we feel asleep.

San Juan National Forest

Next stop, wine country.

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